My passion for photography really ignited when I joined a digital scrapbooking club. All my friends had fancy cameras and I thought I needed one too. I fully admit that’s the only reason I bought my first DSLR camera! However, I forced myself to learn in manual mode and never looked back!

Here are a few things about me!

I am married to an awesome and supportive man and we have two beautiful girls (8 & 4).

I was born in the Ukraine and speak (kind of poorly) Russian! However, no one ever knows unless I tell them because I have no accent. I moved to the United States when I was 8.

I have a major sweet tooth. My husband and I often get froyo after the kids go to bed and I keep a stash of chocolate in my freezer.

I love naps like nobody’s business!

I am a night owl and definitely not a morning person.

A t-shirt and leggings is pretty much all I wear. It’s just so comfy!

Cheese curds from Culver’s are the best thing ever!